[thelist] php custom error handling

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Tue May 22 05:33:20 CDT 2001

There were some discussions and the conclusion was that the 404 page should
be bigger than 512bytes or something like this. As it is a redirect, I don't
know why it doesn't work.

Anyway, this kind of thing could be handled by a simple mod_rewrite
directive without the need of php code or 404. I'm pretty sure that if you
use a custom 404 page, you'll have all your logs to this page for instance.

Mod_rewrite is imho somewhat more elegant...


> but, it isn't happening. try it...
> http://www.sugarbeachresort.net/grounds should hit the script on
> then redirect to http://www.sugarbeachresort.net?page=grounds , it
> doesn't...just gives me a real generic 404 page.

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