[thelist] free of cheap CMS in ASP??

Alister Cameron alister at cameroncreative.com
Tue May 22 05:54:20 CDT 2001

Hi folks.

Looking for a free or cheap content management system written in ASP that I
can run on my W2K server. I have clients asking for it and there may be some
good $$ for it soon. But I am interested in finding out what's out there,

Fact is, I have spent hours looking for stuff and I find it hard to believe
I have to spend thousands and thousands to get what I want!

I'd like something like Frontier, but written in ASP/VBS of course. A
codebase would be enough since clients always want stuff customised... but
all the open source stuff like eGrail is in either Perl, PHP or anything but

So, anyone seen anything that turns heads?

I know the ultimate would be NCompass Resolution - so good that MS just
bought it and are re-badging it as "MS Content Management Server" as part of
the .NET family. That's USD$50,000 or so, last time I looked. So forget that
for now!

Love to know what's out there and what's HOT!


Alister Cameron
Cameron Creative

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