[thelist] Auto-responders?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue May 22 09:39:02 CDT 2001

sales at iibiz.com wrote:

> Soooooooo - exactly how do auto-responders work?  Are they usually a cgi
> script?  or what?

Obviously there are lots of platform variables, so I won't be too 
specific, but -- if  the form's submitted to a CGI program, it's 
simple to add a few lines to send an email to the address supplied. 
(Though if you make it an independent function, you can reuse it 
for other CGIs.)

If the form's being emailed, you need to have a program as the 
"recipient"; that program parses the mail headers for the sender's
address, and responds. 

The last email auto-responder - a simple acknowledgement - I wrote 
was a two-line sh/awk script (Unix system). A way more complex one
(for the old pre-Web SunNetManager mibs-and-icons-by-mail system) 
was about 50 lines of Perl.   

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