Windows-Installation (was Re: [thelist] Playing with MIME type (was: Downloading .jpg & .pdf files))

Jakob Dölling alligotar at
Tue May 22 14:40:32 CDT 2001

Joe Crawford schrieb:
> Jakob Dölling wrote:
> > I think I know something what you will help: If you're installing win32
> > (which version exactly now it is I think doesn't matter), Windows has
> > associated gif and *.jpg files to IE - I don't know how to forbid
> > Windows to install IE. Did you tried the same thing with a *.jpeg file?
> >
> > And, still something: Opera does the same as IE.
> Quickie tests:
> Netscape 4 - prompt box, Netscape 6, prompt box.
> IE5, Opera 5.02, WebTV (!) viewer, all just display.

BTW: <TIP typ="WebTV name="Jakob Doelling">WebTV is IE5 as is
a daughter company of Mc$oft</tip>- I did looked it up in my personal
server logs. Opera seems also to make use of the IE engine.

> No, I didn't test jpg/jpeg files, but I am dubious it would make a
> difference.
> The thing is, my associations are what a typical installation would
> have. And it doesn't work on a typical setup for the majority. The
> theory is sound, but IE is being 'helpful' in a way that does not
> necessarily make sense. :-\

Yeah, and as a german joke proverb says: outside it is colder than at
night ;-) . No, seriously, I did re-install WinNT 4.0 and Win98 many
times and in so many variantions to come to the conclusion, that you are
not able to prevent Winsetup not to extract IE *without* modifying the
installation settings - Mc$oft would this consider as violating the
licence agreement.


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