[thelist] CF Studio - Macros/AutoDate/Default Template Question

Mike Roberto mjr at linkzero.com
Tue May 22 15:28:52 CDT 2001

I'm(*cough*) finally putting together a standard header for my default
document in CF Studio to keep track of author name, creation date,
variables required, updates, etc.

I'm trying to find a way to autoinsert an autodate when a new file is
created. Is there a way to do this in CF Studio?

I saw a message posted in Allaire's CF Studio Forum, but noone had replied
to it with an answer.

If anyone has attempted something similar i'd appreciate any input or


<TIP type="Cold Fusion Studio">
When using CF Studio you can use ctrl-J to bring up a small
menu which offers a selection of code templates to insert.

Examples include HTML 2.0, 3.2, and 4.0 DOCTYPE tags, Stylesheet
links, meta tags, and a basic javascript block.  You can add your
own templates to the collection, which can really speed up coding
if you have regularly used blocks of code at your disposal.  You
can find this under the Settings > Editor > Code Templates Menu.

Although this is similar to snippets, i like it a bit better because
using snippets you often run out of Keys to map each snippet to.
With these templates you have a little popup window to select
from and it frees up some key combinations for other functions.

Michael Roberto
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Joe Crawford schrieb:
> Jakob Dölling wrote:
> > I think I know something what you will help: If you're installing win32
> > (which version exactly now it is I think doesn't matter), Windows has
> > associated gif and *.jpg files to IE - I don't know how to forbid
> > Windows to install IE. Did you tried the same thing with a *.jpeg file?
> >
> > And, still something: Opera does the same as IE.
> Quickie tests:
> Netscape 4 - prompt box, Netscape 6, prompt box.
> IE5, Opera 5.02, WebTV (!) viewer, all just display.

BTW: <TIP typ="WebTV name="Jakob Doelling">WebTV is IE5 as WebTV.net is
a daughter company of Mc$oft</tip>- I did looked it up in my personal
server logs. Opera seems also to make use of the IE engine.

> No, I didn't test jpg/jpeg files, but I am dubious it would make a
> difference.
> The thing is, my associations are what a typical installation would
> have. And it doesn't work on a typical setup for the majority. The
> theory is sound, but IE is being 'helpful' in a way that does not
> necessarily make sense. :-\

Yeah, and as a german joke proverb says: outside it is colder than at
night ;-) . No, seriously, I did re-install WinNT 4.0 and Win98 many
times and in so many variantions to come to the conclusion, that you are
not able to prevent Winsetup not to extract IE *without* modifying the
installation settings - Mc$oft would this consider as violating the
licence agreement.


Jkaob Dölling
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