[thelist] dhtml menus

Fortune Elkins fortune_elkins at summithq.com
Tue May 22 15:54:42 CDT 2001

hiya again!

ok, marketing now wants dhtml menus. i have explained to them that these are
*heavy.* they want them anyway.

our webmaster likes the dhtml menus from web reference, because they are
well-documented, widely used, and free. see

however, these require a minimum 38K download(!) just for all the scripts,
not to mention the in-page stuff. i have corporate clients with T1 lines,
but still. . .

i have looked at the wonderful fireworks 4 menus, which are just(!) 24k to
download. however, there are several bugs. . .such as every different menu
must have its own 24k file. . .<sigh>

i have made a simple menu in DW4 that works in all browsers and is 20k, just
by hiding and showing <div>s. nope, must have dhtml.

arguing them out of this won't work, and they hate flash. can anyone give me
the URL of a *light* dhtml menu? or am i just being a sissy? is 38k not a
problem, really??



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