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If you have CGI access, get a free CGI script that does it at:



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> Dear List
>               I have recently returned from my honeymoon and have bought a
> domain name to host a vanity site with all our photos and holiday journal
> for all our friends and relatives in far flung places. I intend to put the
> best of our photos on a page as thumbnails, click on the picture to see it
> full size etc., but I would also like to be able to have "next" and
> "previous" arrows on the page so people can just flick through all the
> size pictures if they wish. How is the best way to achieve this? I can
> of 2 possible options...
> 1. Upload all the images into a directory and then create a JavaScript
> function with the images listed in an array (not even sure if this is
> possible, my JavaScript is a little rusty).
> 2. Put the image filepaths into a database and then call them from there,
> using the primary key to keep them in order.
> So, which way is preferable, or is there another way that is so blindingly
> obvious I have missed it?
> Kev
> kjs at ratking.co.uk
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