[thelist] Photos

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Tue May 22 16:06:02 CDT 2001

>I can think
>of 2 possible options...
>1. Upload all the images into a directory and then create a JavaScript
>function with the images listed in an array (not even sure if this is
>possible, my JavaScript is a little rusty).
>2. Put the image filepaths into a database and then call them from there,
>using the primary key to keep them in order.
>So, which way is preferable, or is there another way that is so blindingly
>obvious I have missed it?
>kjs at ratking.co.uk

What platform are you using, Kev? I have a friend who did this for pictures of his niece
at http://www.mikewashburn.com/hanna.htm with sequentially numbered pics and Cold Fusion.
Drop me a line if you need details!

Robin Hastings
Public Computer Center Coordinator
hastingsr at mrrl.org
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