[thelist] PHP MySql

Max Fenton max at munkandphyber.com
Tue May 22 16:30:48 CDT 2001

> Thanks guys.  I'm scratching my head and trying to do the Install even as we
> speak.  I do want to
> change the extension to .php instead of .php3 though....
> -Sean

No, actually I you don't.  When working with someone else's (open-source)
project it's best not to mess around with filenames unless you really want
to verify every dependency in a multi-thousand-line bundle of source.

If you tinker with the source, you cut yourself off from the development
project as a whole.  in other words, new patches, versions, etc. will break
when you try to just drop the patches in.

in this case (phpMyAdmin), no one but you (and co-administrators) should
even be looking at the program; certainly as developers and designers we
shouldn't shrug off the aesthetics of in-house work, but in this case, don't
worry too much about the .php3 vs .php extensions.  Functionally, both work
just as well and (in fact) .php3 is more compatible - useful when you don't
have control of the host.


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