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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue May 22 17:03:07 CDT 2001

Paul Dewey wrote:
> Long answer-
> When a job description asks for DHTML knowledge they want you to be able to
> create the page with dhtml coding.  Not just know what it is because this is
> useless to them that you "know" what it is, but don't know how to create it.
>   Many editors can help you but it best to be able to do it from scratch.  I
> sometimes get stuck and go browsing for help.
> Short Answer-
> They want you to know how to do it from scratch.

I pretty much agree. It depends on their expectations. If you use a
canned script, or if, say, they're using an *existing* canned script
from somewhere, and they want to know why it breaks in IE5/Mac or
Netscape 6 - will you be able to deal with it? If you can't, then maybe
you can say you're "familiar with dhtml" rather than being able to say
"can program DHTML."

As with any part of your skillset, you should have an objective
knowledge of the extent, and the limits, of your understanding and

If you're interested in claiming DHTML knowledge on a resume or in an
interview - make a simple project for yourself which would require dhtml
coding - then make a challenge for yourself to make it work in IE5,
Netscape 6, IE5/Mac, Opera, Netscape 4. The things you will learn will
tell you the limits of your knowledge - and make you smart enough to
deal with the Q in an interview.

There was a great article in Dr. Dobb's Journal earlier this year
talking about the sad history of dhtml, and why it's hard to do, but why
there's hope for the future. It would be a good starting point.

Honestly though, a trip through the resources listed on this list *every
day* would probably teach you lots as well.


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