[thelist] ASP/ADO/SQL: Is it Possible to Store a Recordset in an Application Variable?

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Hi James...

From: "James Aylard" <webmaster at equilon-mrc.com>
Subject: [thelist] ASP/ADO/SQL: Is it Possible to Store a Recordset
in an Application Variable?
>     I have a question that is primarily ASP-oriented, but also
> revolves around ADO and MS SQL: Is it possible to store a recordset
> extracted from a SQL table as an Application variable? Actually,
> I've done that, and on my ASP page I can determine that the
> variable is a recordset using the VBScript TypeName function (the
> result being "Recordset").
>     But I can't figure out how to extract the data from that
> Application variable. (In theory, I'd like to be able to loop
> through the recordset in the Application variable just as I do
> through a recordset grabbed directly from a database -- you know,
> Do While Not objRs.EOF, blah, blah, blah...). Can this be done? If
> so, would someone explain how?

Try this:

set objRecordset = Application("myrecordset")

>     BTW, this is with a small database table that rarely changes,
> so storing it as an Application variable rather than pulling the
> data from the database each time seems like a good idea. Are there
> serious objections to doing this?
>     Thanks.

Not to plug my own article or anything (becuase it could be a lot
better  ;-), but try looking at this:


Basically, what I would do (if you can) is create the display of the
data in the recordset and store *that* in an application variable.
Or, spit the recordset into something lighter like an array:

a_myarray  = objMyRecordset.GetRows()
Application("MyArray") = a_myarray

Storing the recordset in the Application object is generally not a
Good Thing(tm) and if you can avoid it, avoid it. ;-)

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