[thelist] ASP/ADO/SQL: Is it Possible to Store a Recordset in an Application Variable?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue May 22 18:09:03 CDT 2001

>    BTW, this is with a small database table that rarely changes, so
> storing it as an Application variable rather than pulling the data from
> the database each time seems like a good idea. Are there serious
> objections to doing this?

hi james

depends on what you mean by "application" and "each time"

dunno about asp, but in cold fusion you can set application variables that
are available basically forever (i.e. until the cf server comes down)

if "each time" means each request for a page, then yeah, using web server
variables  to keep database query results that don't change that often is a
good idea

you'll also need some way to scratch the variables whenever the database
does change, so that they are automatically retrieved from the database on
the first page request after the update


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