[thelist] ASP/ADO/SQL: Is it Possible to Store a Recordset in an Application Variable?

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue May 22 18:34:33 CDT 2001

AFAIK, ADO Recordsets aren't thread happy, so don't do it. A disconnected
recordset may be okay, but I've not played with it. You could do a couple
things to work around it, 1) use GetRows() and store it as a two dimensional
array, or 2) store it as XML (ADO 2.5 provides easy in-out) ...

I strongly suggest staying away from the recordset at the Application level.
--Same thing as using it at the Session level: you render your IIS server to
one thread....


> Basically, what I would do (if you can) is create the display of the
> data in the recordset and store *that* in an application variable.
> Or, spit the recordset into something lighter like an array:
> Storing the recordset in the Application object is generally not a
> Good Thing(tm) and if you can avoid it, avoid it. ;-)

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