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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Tue May 22 18:48:13 CDT 2001

On 22 May 2001, at 18:12, meta.chris posted a message which said:

> are there any good statistics on which browsers are being used? i know it's 
> a given that IE is the most common, but which version (4.*, 5.*)?  how 
> about netscape (4.*,etc.)?  sorry if this question has been posted many 
> times before.

Yes, it's been asked many times before, but when I took college
physics in 1970, they pointed out that while they never change
the tests, the answers change from year to year. And day to day.

Here's the results for yesterday at my busiest site. It's optimized
for Mozilla/2, and browsers like Lynx and MSIE/2 don't like tables,
so it's somewhat skewed in that regard. Traffic is mostly adult,
18-60, and probably 70% female.

And I have *no* idea why I am over-run with WebTV users recently.
They historically have only run about 4-5%. Maybe it's a matter of
WebTV users passing links to each other?

 0.14%    MSIE/3.x
 6.88%    MSIE/4.x
64.13%    MSIE/5.x
 0.66%    MSIE/6.x
 0.93%    Netscape/3.x
14.50%    Netscape/4.x
 0.95%    Netscape/6.x
10.64%    WebTV
 1.21%    Other


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