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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Tue May 22 18:58:13 CDT 2001

On 22 May 2001, at 23:58, Jakob Dölling posted a message which said:

> one quick question: in which RFC ist suggested, to put the "signature"
> at the end of the mail and what's the title of that RFC?

RFC 1855, "Netiquette guidelines" specifies a signature of up to four
lines, 65 characters each, for email.  

For USENET, it refers to a having a signature, but does not specify a
size limit. 

I think the idea is that you likely have an ongoing relationship with an
email correspondent, and less of a sign is needed, while USENET
posts have to stand on their own. 

Others seem to think that it was an omission. I don't believe that. 
If I don't make errors, why should I imagine that S. Hambridge of 
the Intel corporation would make errors? Especially if they don't
involve floating-point arithmetic?


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