[thelist] Photos

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue May 22 23:17:59 CDT 2001

somebody else already suggested the Photoshop web photo 
gallery... the layout and HTML leave a lot to be desired, but 15 
minutes with a good text editor and some nice s-n-r/regex, and 
you've got yerself a nice gallery, with that hardest parts done...

> From: "Ron White" <ronwhite at members.evolt.org>
> How about the simplest? You have N photos, load them all into a
> directory and then Photo1 has links to photo2 <next> and
> photoN<previous>, 2 has 3<next> and 1<previous etc until you get to
> photoN which has photo1<next> and photoN-1<previous>

i was gonna suggest this as well... the advantage is, you can use a 
for loop to have it decrement/increment the current number for the 
previous/next buttons, while the current number displays that 
image... no need for a db and all that hassle, just seems like over-
engineering to me...

just have your logic in your loop to start over at 1 once you get to 
the end (for incrementing/decrementing)...

what server-side languages you got available?

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