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Wed May 23 05:38:37 CDT 2001

My focus is in the area of developing usable, user-focused web 
applications and presences - a web developer with a good 
understanding of design and usability. I help the user's "internet 
experience" of a site, see? :)

It's either that, or Independent Web Developer, and I think I like 
IEC better :)

What do you think of it? My "new identity" is still a work in 
progress. I've been working in the web industry since 1996 and 
moonlighting since about then as well.. However, as a result of a 
recent employment change (see below), I'm moving into full-time 
consulting, unless something REALLY COOL comes along - <hint="I'm 
moving to Boston soon, so full-time in Atlanta is out." />

By the way, I no longer work for Headhunter.net. I thoroughly enjoyed 
my time there and learned a lot about the functioning of a successful 
web enterprise. However, even during this time of internet opulence 
and overabundance, some companies have found it necessary to trim 
their ranks. As part of a recent shift in Headhunter's marketing 
strategy, I was among the trimmed.

Anyhow, thanks for asking!
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>What is an Internet Experience Consultant ???
<tip type="getting started in consulting">
Don't be afraid to email/contact all your friends and family at first 
- they'll probably pleasantly surprise you by how much they're 
willing to help, and by who they know!

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