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Wed May 23 06:21:46 CDT 2001

On 23 May 2001, at 0:04, aardvark posted a message which said:

> > BTW: <TIP typ="WebTV name="Jakob Doelling">WebTV is IE5 as
> > is a daughter company of Mc$oft</tip>- I did looked it up in my
> > personal server logs. Opera seems also to make use of the IE engine.
> erm, methinks you're confused on this one...
> WebTV is a different animal than IE... *completely* different... the 
> core browser was written before MS bought them out... as such, 
> you can go to WebTV's developer section 
> ( and read up on it... after all, there's no 
> way WebTV could run the IE5.x bloatware engine...

The site needs updating; most of it hasn't
changed since the Build 2.6 browser came out in February.

The newest build of the WebTV browser (2.6) claims to be 
MSIE/4.  The Jellyscript tries to be compatible with MSIE/4's 
jscript; prior versions of the WebTV browser tried to mimic 

Whether it *is* MSIE/4 or not is a matter of semantics. MSIE/4
was different on the Win32 platform than the Mac platform, and
it is still different on the Windows CE platform. I suppose if MS
calls it MSIE, then it's MSIE.  The new Classic browser doesn't 
understand all the tags that the Plus does - IFRAME being one
obvious example - and the site says that
the Plus has CSS1 while the Classic doesn't, but the Classic
in fact *does* have some CSS1 capabilities.
Incidently, a number of people are still using Build 2.4 or Build
2.5.5.  Those running the original two models - Magnavox MAT960 
and Sony INT-W100  - of WebTV *cannot* upgrade to 2.6; there 
simply isn't the hardware to support it.


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