[thelist] Shell Script Basics?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed May 23 09:22:52 CDT 2001

Hey Frank - 

If you're using Linux, you're probably using the bash shell.. Go to the
source for that.. Lots of good info at
http://www.gnu.org/manual/bash/html_chapter/bashref_toc.html itsa  bit
dry in places, but you should do ok.

a lot of my personal scripting focuses on 3 pieces of software.. 
awk(gawk)(my personal favorite):
(wrap)and  http://vectorsite.tripod.com/tsawk0.html

sed: http://www.ptug.org/sed/sedfaq.htm

and grep: http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue18/1149.html

those should get you started for now.. There are also a couple shell
scripting articles on the evolt site that anthony and i have written
over the years.. You may be able to grep ;) some usefull info out of
those.. And of course, you can always ask here :)

Good luck 


Frank wrote:
> Question for those who are experienced shell script writers:
> What would you recommend as the top three URL's to go to to learn
> shell script basics?
> At the moment, I'm running a Linux box, I want to make a copy of all
> my accounts httpdocs folders, and tell mysql to create a dump for
> each account's DB's in the account backup folder.
> At first, I don't mind if I have to edit the file when adding or
> deleting accounts, but it seems to be a pain in the butt to have to
> edit the file every time I want to run it.
> I would like to create a new directory with the date and time, then
> move all the accounts and dumps into it. I can then create an
> AppleScript to download them to my Mac and burn CD's.
> Suggestions? Thanks!

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