[thelist] DHTML

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Wed May 23 12:04:49 CDT 2001

> > I'm a budding web designer/developer and in the
> > process of learning DHTML and wanted to know whether
> > designers/developers actually *create* dhtml code from
> > scratch or whether they get it off of websites.

most of the dhtml i find on websites is incomprehensible babble. it's
easier to learn to roll your own than it is to try to figure out how
some wysiwyg did something. visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for a
bunch of scripts that may not be useful as they are but will give you an
idea how things work when you screw around with them. although i don't
have it you might also get peachpit press's dhtml quickstart just to get
oriented. once you get the touch for doing it yourself you'll find it's
easier to roll your own and they taste better.


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