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Johannah Hubal johannah at hubal.com
Wed May 23 13:16:25 CDT 2001

Sure, no problem!

Managing your library: Most of us end up with huge collections of "how to"
books. Local libraries are glad to take your Dreamweaver 2.0 manual, as are
local high schools. Most used book stores will not purchase computer books
(since they become outdated rapidly), but you can give it a try. You also
might be able to recoup a minimal amount of your investment by selling them
on eBay. If you need charitable donation write-offs, give the books to the
Salvation Army or Goodwill.

[Chris Johnston wrote:]
> Can you let us know when you have finished the article and where it is
> posted? I would be interested in reading it when you are done.


[Johannah Hubal wrote:]
> Hey folks!
>I'm writing an article on successful freelancing and am looking for links.
>Here's my compilation thus far, though I know I'm missing some. I should
>never have let my sub to "Contract Professional" lapse! I used to get so
>many links from that mag...

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