[thelist] bust out of the frames

Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Wed May 23 16:15:55 CDT 2001

Most likely, it is due to the fact that no router on the internet will route
the address...


<tip type="Usability Testing" author="Rory Plaire">
Are you trying to see route trace times from around the world? The following
resource can be helpful when designing a website and determining size of
pages or hosting options. The site is http://www.geektools.com/ . Among the
tools is a broadband-connection-equipped hotel listing, but more prevalent
to the topic is the traceroute tools on servers around the world. These have
an HTTP interface, so access them with your favorite web browser. Not only
can you test the route times, but connectivity and the NAT (outside address)
of your firewall/router, in case DNS is not working too well...

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Your URL doesn't work for me either, no matter what combination I apply
after your address:


Here's the URL so you can see how the menu system works:


-Ron Senykoff

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