[thelist] Browser innerWidth for IE4/5/6?

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Wed May 23 22:43:22 CDT 2001

Google is great for this sort of thing:

Gives this result:

Which points you at this very fine evolt article:
Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part I  (aardvark)

This article covers the subject in some depth - happy reading.


Quackamoe wrote: (nice nick, btw :)

> Trying out some DHTML using Dan Steinman's Dynamic Duo
> tutorial (http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/).
> I can get it for NN4x by using
>    if (ns4) redLight = window.innerWidth
>    // heh heh, redLight to stop the car; get it??
> but for IE5,
>    if (ie5) redLight =  document.body.offsetWidth
>    if (ie5) redLight =  document.body.scrollWidth
> don't work; window.innerWidth locks IE5 up, cuz
> it's NN only. Haven't looked at it in IE4,IE5.5, N6
> or Moz0.9 yet. I can do the last two, but only have
> IE5 installed.

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