[thelist] DW - FTP permissions settings

Boerner, Brian J brian.j.boerner at lmco.com
Thu May 24 06:46:18 CDT 2001

Dreamweaver default permissions get set to 664 on Unix and we are forever
chmod-ing to 775

WHat's the deal here? - I use WS-FTP without a care but a colleague swears
by DW-FTP/synchronization and though I like it I've stuck with WS-FTP only
because developers here need to collaborate without using DWs
check-in/check-out (or DW at all for that matter)

anyone know the scoop or where to change the default ftp settings? - or
anyone have a direct line on which DW xml file to change so DW behaves the
way we'd like?

thanks evolters! and Happy Belated Birthday

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