[thelist] [fwd] Apache Problem - .shtml below root

Jakob Dölling alligotar at gmx.net
Thu May 24 08:04:49 CDT 2001

> Under windows you can not create a file that is just an extension
> (i.e. .htaccess) 

Strange ruling, anyway. In Unix-world, the 
I am assuming that you can give
> the file whatever name you want as long is ends in .htaccess? (Just making
> sure, don't kick me off the list for asking the obvious, please)

<Tip type="Apache on Win32" author="Jakob Doelling>
In the main conf file of Apache, i. e. httpd.conf you can alter the name
of access file iun the main server config section to name.htacess. In
order to modify more easyly, link the extention ".htaccess" to notepad.
The other way is if presentation server is on Unix, upload your access
file(s) and rename it on the remote site to .htaccess. 
Jakob Dölling
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