[thelist] OT - Front-end for MS-SQL?

Matthias Ritzkowski Matt at grndwtr.com
Thu May 24 09:12:39 CDT 2001

MS-Access can be used as a Front end for users of any ODBC compliant
I once had to troubleshoot such a beast with Sybase as a backend.
It was not fun.


>Server 2000 as it's database. My question is this, what is the 
>used for MS-SQL? Access is an integrated environment in that 
>the database
>and the graphical user interface are all in the same program, 
>is MS-SQL the
>same way or is there a graphical front that gets installed on client
>machines that links in with the main server? The SysAdmin guy 
>insists that
>the only front-end for MS-SQL is Access, is this correct. It 
>just seems to
>me to be a rather low end, cheap front end for such a high 
>quality database


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