[thelist] RE: [thelist]Front-end for MS-SQL?

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Thu May 24 09:42:40 CDT 2001

OK, you mean the actual client software you install on Joe Q. User's
desktop, right?

My previous post still applies (I think):
You can use Access as a front-end for SQL Server, if you like. You can also
use web pages or a custom application written in whatever you like (although
Visual Basic or Visual C++ would seem to be sensible choices)


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Apparently my question was a little vague. I must apologize for this.

Hopefully I can clear things up a little. What I meant by front-end is the
graphical user interface that is used by people who must use the database,
not the people developing the database. By this I mean, the everyday schmoes
who's job it is to enter, use, and analyze the data that is placed in the
database. The sales associates who enter orders or you need to see how many
widgets are in stock, etc...

Hope this helps to clarify things a little.


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