[thelist] bust out of the frames

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Thu May 24 10:07:50 CDT 2001

Keith Davis wrote:
> Well, not the *only* way....
> Any framed site can have correct bookmarks if you use a dynamic
> frameset.

Thanks for that tip.

> >http://www.oed.com/public/tour/
> I can't see why you used frames on that site. Since the nav page changes
> to correspond with the main page why shouldn't the navigation just be
> part of the page?

Which navigation are you referring to?  The right-hand tour index
is the same 9K page each time and so gets cached.  Without frames,
it'd mean an additional 9K on every tour page.

Also, enlarging screenshots only updates the main frame.  Since the
screenshot "thumbnails" are really full-sized ones shrunk in HTML
these pages load very quickly, which wouldn't be the case if the
whole page was done using tables in order to achieve the same page

Noframes tags on all pages originally included a page with a link
to a downloadable print version of the tour but the OUP decided just
before launch to postpone this.  Perhaps if I'd known there
wouldn't be a non-frames version available at the beginning, I'd
have made a different implementation decision.


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