[thelist] I need some MySql config help

Sean Preston razorwise at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 10:23:40 CDT 2001

Good day all,

I finally got MySql installed on my pc...thanks!  But I don't know what I'm supposed to use as my
user name/password on my local box.  I'm wanting to try to test things out locally as I learn, as
some of you suggested.  I'm a total PHP/MySql newbie and I've got myPHPAdmin finally on here
too(many thanks for that suggestion as well).  My box at work is NT4.  My box at home is Win98 and
I'm wanting to set it up in both places.  At home, it seemed to work fine with the defaults, but
it was late last night and I was kinda out of it.  Now it's a new day and I'm at the office and
still feeling kinda out of it.  *L*

So I'd appreciate any and all direction.  :) 

Many thanks,


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