[thelist] MS-SQL vs. MySQL - was Front-end for MS-SQL?

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Thu May 24 12:17:40 CDT 2001


: From: Chris Johnston
: 3. Can both hook to ColdFusion

yes.  ms-sql will be faster though since coldfusion can connect to it via
native drivers which are noticeably faster than an odbc connection.

: 4. Overall speed

ms-sql is an enterprise level database server and will therefore be faster

: 5. Ease of use both in creating and managing
:    tables [...]

ms-sql likely has a better, easier to use interface for creating and
managing the database.

: [...] as well as on the front-end for Joe
: Schmoe average user

that's up to you as the developer to build.

: 6. Speed on the web

whether the database is used on the web or not has no bearing on its speed.
the reason for this is that the database is either queried by some sort of
management tool or by some sort of application server (asp, coldfusion,
etc.).  the speed for either of these connections is going to be relatively
the same.  what happens beyond that (the web aspect) depends on the speed of
the application server software, the speed of the webserver itself, and the
speed of the connection the webserver is on.

: We are looking for one single database
: solution that will allow us to connect
: it to a website (ColdFusion) as well as
: to be used in the office for entering
: data.

i'd recommend that you take a long hard look at sybase products as well.
we've been using them here for close to 3 years now and have been very happy
with them.

: Unfortunately, due to the complexity
: of the data, we can not go with a browser
: based interface for the office and are
: therefore limited to an Access style
: front-end for data entry.

there is no level of complexity that can keep you from building a
browser-based interface to the database for data entry -- none whatsoever.



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