[thelist] Windows App GUI Tool

Michael McGlynn blastronaut at excite.com
Thu May 24 13:11:55 CDT 2001

good questions, answers follow --

>>Question #1 -- How are you writing ASP code with Illustrator, PhotoShop
and DHTML??<<

We are currently coding .JSPs - as much of the DHTML as possible is re-used,
e.g. for styles and form behaviors, but XML/XSL is delivered client side,
and I don't touch that. Yes, we are IE5.5 only.

>>Question #2 -- What are you using to write your DHTML right now?
SimpleText? HomeSite? DreamWeaver?<<

Homesite. The problem is a hell of a lot of static html gets written that is
not used in the final product. I am looking for a tool who's result is
interactive, but may not generate code. At one point I was generating
multipage .PDFs with hyperlinks, but that doesn't provide enough "ffel" is
ia very time consiming. 
Our GUI is highly customized and heavily leveraged on MSIE technology (not
always a good thing).

MY Bad - when I said transitioning to Windows,  I mean that instead of
browser delivered app, we will be delivering an installable .EXE. How do
people that write Windows apps prototype UI?

michael mcglynn
interface designer

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