[thelist] Windows App GUI Tool

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Thu May 24 16:18:47 CDT 2001

> MY Bad - when I said transitioning to Windows,  I mean that instead of
> browser delivered app, we will be delivering an installable .EXE. How do
> people that write Windows apps prototype UI?

With a RAD ;-) (rapid application developement tool)

There are quite a lot : the main are probably microsoft VB, borland Delphi,
and some others I forgot. Delphi is my favorite but ymmv.

If it's only a matter of designing "standard" ui, you may be be lucky in the
opensource area as well : there are plenty of great toolkits for rapid,
cross plateform ui developement. My first idea : python with wxpython, a gui
toolkit like http://boa-constructor.sourceforge.net/ ...could do the job in
an really efficient manner. Wxpython is a cross plateform gui warper, so it
works under windows, *nix, and soon macos9/x. Boa is inspired by delphi btw.

Hope this helps a bit...

Philippe Jadin

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