[thelist] Newbie: web-based db

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu May 24 19:52:04 CDT 2001

>On Thursday, May 24, 2001, at 07:55 PM, William Snowden wrote:
>>I want to build a database to be accessed via browser.  I want to 
>>be able to do all the work from home (on a Mac (OS 8.6)).  I don't 
>>want to spend any money.  Is it possible?  How do I go about it?
>You want to develop on the Mac or host on the Mac or both?
>The implications are totally different depending on what you need to 
>have happen.

+1 to everything Bob said.

William -- would you be prepared to install either yellow dog linux 
(http://yellowdoglinux.com), linux ppc (http://linuxppc.org/), or Mac 
OS X (http://www.apple.com/macosx/)? The first two are 'free' 
(inverted commas because they're free to download, but if you want 
the cds you'll have to lay out a small amount of money, like, say 
$10!), the last one is a lot more processor intensive, and will set 
you back considerably more. I can't check the cost of purchasing 
linuxppc on cd-rom at the moment because it seems their secure site 
is down... bummer.

You could create a very low cost linux hosting system on a Mac with 
any of those products. But, again, it depends what your ISP's hosting 
system is -- you'll want to setup something very similar to them. If 
you're targeting an NT ASP setup, then you'll have a hard time 
recreating a local server on a mac.

Either that or design on the mac and upload to protected directories 
on the server to test (kind-of-boring if you're on a dialup 
Andrew Forsberg

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