[thelist] CFMail Failure on Linux. Quick Help?

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu May 24 20:28:39 CDT 2001


: From: Cameron Childress [mailto:cameronc at mindspring.com]
: 3) [...] You could scedule an event
:    using such a tag to scrub the
:    linefeeds off the files after they
:    end up in the undelivr directory,
:    then copy them back into the spool
:    using CFFILE.

this gives me an idea.  if you can send them by writing the file into the
spool, then why not write them with the right format to begin with and put
them right into the spool?

doing this as a test, here's cfmail tag i used:

<cfmail to="jeff at alphashopcom"
        from="jeff at alphashop.com"
        subject="test message subject"
test message body

which resulted in the following output to the /cfusion/mail/spool directory
as a numbered file with a .cfmail extension (182.cfmail in this case):

x-cf-version: 4.5.0
x-cf-server: alphashop.com
x-cf-port: 25
x-cf-timeout: 60
x-cf-from: jeff at alphashop.com
x-cf-to: jeff at alphashopcom

Content-type: text/plain
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 16:43:29 -0700
From: jeff at alphashop.com
Subject: test message subject
To: jeff at alphashopcom

test message body

when it attempted to send the mail server threw an error.  cfserver wrote to
mail.log in /cfusion/log identifying the file in the spool it attempted to
send, the error returned by the mail server, and the new file name and
location of the original message (in this case 183.cfmail).  the original
file (182.cfmail) was purged from the /cfusion/mail/spool and an exact copy
of it was written to /cfusion/mail/undelivr with the new name (183.cfmail)
identified in the error entry in mail.log.

i don't see any reason why you couldn't write a custom tag that would act
like cfmail with the exception of putting in proper carriage returns at the
end of each line as well as writing the associated headers to a file in
/cfusion/mail/spool where it would be picked up by sendmail and dealt with.
one of the harder parts would be the naming scheme for the files being
written to /cfusion/mail/spool to make sure that anything written into the
directory was unique for the duration it will be in the /cfusion/mail/spool

just some ideas,


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