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Ritwik Patra patra at poboxes.com
Fri May 25 01:53:41 CDT 2001

Dear Steve,

Thanks for such an immediate response.

Yes! We can manage with the PHP script. I was wondering whether the "pop up"  thing and "close window" can be 
used without java script. Since you said no...where do I find the script for this purpose? Another question....can there 
be alternative ...Like if some has disabled java script ..Then he/she is provided with a simple format...I hope I am able 
to explain my requirement. Please do mention about the required java script....

Thanks and regards.

Ritwik Patra

5/25/01 12:11:34 PM, Steve Cook <steve.cook at evitbe.com> wrote:

>Hi Ritwik,
>there are two distinct parts to the solution you are looking for. The first
>part is the "pop-up" window. This requires a client-side script to function,
>which in practise means accepting the use of a little JavaScript.
>Alternatively, you could open a normal browser window using target="_blank",
>but then you cannot create a link to "close the window", as this also
>requires client-side scripting (i.e. JavaScript). The scripting required to
>do this though is extremely simple and is supported on the vast majority of
>The second part is the mail form. Here you can certainly avoid JavaScript.
>Creating a mailform in PHP is pretty straightforward and you'll find a whole
>bunch of usaeable scripts to choose from at various PHP sites such as
>Good luck!
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>> I am looking for a PHP script through which if someone clicks 
>> on the "Contact Us" link...It will open a separate smaller 
>> browser window with a form. When filled up..the sme window  
>> will show thanks message alongwith a link to "close the 
>> window". I want to use this for our site www.deepalaya.org . 
>> We  do not want to use any java script.  Can anybody help 
>> please....
>> Ritwik Patra
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