[thelist] Form Mail

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Fri May 25 01:59:16 CDT 2001

Ritwik Patra wrote:
> I am looking for a PHP script through which if someone clicks on the "Contact Us" link...It will open a separate smaller
> browser window with a form. When filled up..the sme window  will show thanks message alongwith a link to "close the
> window". I want to use this for our site www.deepalaya.org . We  do not want to use any java script.  Can anybody help
> please....

If you refuse to use javascript you can forget having a "separate
smaller browser window", that's how they are created. Unless you want to
create a ModalDialog window using Microsoft's proprietary VBScript
language that only IE4+ will understand.

Perhaps you mean that you don't want Java, which is not Javascript, two
totally different creatures....

1) you will accept javascript to open "a separate smaller window with a
2) you can run Perl on your server and your server has "sendmail"
3) all emails sent through this window will go only to your email

then email me offlist. I have 5 or 6 of those kind of scripts laying
around here and I'll just send you one to use. It's easier to just send
you a working emailer than it is to explain it, actually it's the
easiest way to explain it. (But it will run on Perl, not PHP, I don't do


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