[thelist] Browser innerWidth for IE4/5/6?

Jonathan Chard jonathan at familygenetix.com
Fri May 25 04:11:33 CDT 2001

>heh, it's Dan Steinman's detect and is probably a few
>years out of date. No mention of IE5 in the tutorial.
>The copyright is 1998, so I don't think he's updating
>it. But it's still great for the basics.

FWIW, thought you might be interested to know that the Dynamic API isn't
dead, it's just evolved. It's now an opensource project on
http://dynapi.sourceforge.net/dynapi/, with associated tutorials, widgets
under development, etc.

You can also check out some sample sites at
Map_with_scrollbox_Modem.htm> is one of my favourites...)

Hope this is of interest.
Jon Chard.

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