[thelist] UltraDev Shopping Cart?

Jill Shaw jillshaw at email.com
Fri May 25 06:17:57 CDT 2001

Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on whether the Shopping Cart
server behaviours extensions is really the right way to go for a particular
project (please bear in mind I'm new-ish to the whole ASP/UltraDev/database

I am working on a site to allow students to enrol for courses, check which
courses they've completed, take a test and complete a questionnaire for each
course they have completed. I want to use UltraDev and have already got all
the student details in a big SQL Server database with stored procedures.

Is the Shopping Cart adaptable enough to change it to fit these needs? Is it
worth me spending the time learning how to create a cart?

I'd really appreciate your views on this.
Thanks in advance,
Jill Shaw

Jill Shaw
Web Developer
Northern Ireland
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