[thelist] XML > XSL > HTML question

Jonathan Chard jonathan at familygenetix.com
Fri May 25 07:04:58 CDT 2001

>But that's sort of goes against XML which is for data sharing. There
>shouldn't be a need to assume your end result will be an HTML page. You
>shouldn't have to assume anything at all about where your data will be

You got me thinking there, you're right. For a moment I started along the
lines of
"but you know it's going to be a webpage because that's what you're doing"
but you
could be turning it into a pdf document or anything....

So perhaps the solution is, rather than sticking in <br>s or enclosing text
in <p>s,
which are both HTML specific, when you parse the block on the way in, you
wrap it
in your own tag, say put a <para></para> around it.

And then when you come to do the processing, let the stylesheet decide what
the format
is, i.e. if HTML wrap it in a <p>, if pdf.. er.. do something else.

<sigh> I dunno. I'm inclined to think sometimes, if it works in the way we
want it to work now, great.
We'll worry about it working in another way when we want it to work in
another way. (see
http://www.xprogramming.com/ )


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