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Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri May 25 10:57:04 CDT 2001

Just to add even more flush, ColdFusion studio uses a similar technology,
RDS, for file management.  It's uses HTTP to handle files and directory.
It's not a perfect implementation by far, but it is workable.

I found an FTP client that I like very much, and have been using it a few
days.  It's called Internet Neighborhood from deerfield.


I'm very happy with it's speed so far.  It sticks itself into Windows
Explorer and I haven't seen it lock-up or fail yet.  The only odd thing I've
seen it on one particular FTP connection, the folders are not behaving as
folders, but as screwy files.  But, since it is only on particular site, I
think it's an anomaly in the FTP server.


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: Just to add fluff here, InterDev uses the FP extensions to upload/manage
: content as well. (and InterDev ain't no novice editor)
: das all
: sgd

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