[thelist] mod_rewrite hell

Charlie Llewellin charliel at infohwy.com
Fri May 25 11:26:40 CDT 2001

I was hoping to do it elegantly with mod_rewrite
My equally hacky quickfix is to change referring urls from
to cities.php/city=houston
which mod_rewrite handles fine

I'm redesigning a whole section (for more adspace, of course) and parsing
everything through page.php for ease of maintenance, etc, etc.

I'll probably end up doing somehting like Peter mentions

> Somewhat hacky, but you could get the REQUEST_URI in de code in page.php,
> and parse everything after the ? out, and then there's a function to parse
> that in PHP. parse_querystring() or something.
> I said it, somewhat hacky.
> Peter

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