[thelist] Make a row a link (was: MouseOver Table Cells)

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri May 25 11:56:37 CDT 2001

on 5/25/2001 9:52 AM, Don Makoviney at DonM at allensysgroup.com wrote:

> That worked great! Thanks a bunch!
> Now, I have to ask. . . .is there any way to make the whole row a link?
> I can pull the link dynamically from a DB, but I don't fully understand the
> DOM (hey. . .gimme a break, I'm trying. . .)and not sure how that would be
> rendered. . .  any thoughts?

I think something like:
<tr onclick="location.href='http://evolt.org/';"><td>...

-- not something I've tested, your mileage may vary.

But that's something you'd have to test in browsers to rely on for your
links. It's DOM and Browser and JavaScript dependent in the worst way.
Forget your backwards compatibility.

But it's kinda neat.

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