[thelist] OT: KABOOOOOOM (explosions are cool)

Lauri Watts lauri at subdimension.com
Fri May 25 12:28:02 CDT 2001

On Friday 25 May 2001 18:44, you wrote:
> being friday, I felt we needed more explosions... explosions are cool
> <tip>
> If you're new to web development, try do to as much as possible in a text
>       editor.  I started out this way and it has helped me greatly.  If I
> had started with WYSIWYG and not learned how to code by hand, I wouldn't
> have landed a job working with JSPs and Servlets.  I wasn't writing the
> JSPs or Servlets, but I worked on a team where I incorporated a look and
> feel into the dynamic pages.  WYSIWYG won't do that so well... and now it
> opened up the world of ERP connectivity for me.  BTW, I landed that first
> real job by putting Notepad on my resume.  Sounds crazy, but the Java
> programmer in house picked up on it and they hired me.
> </tip>

Hmmm, YMMV there.  People who put "notepad" on a resume don't impress me at 
all, because notepad has no features.  None. 

I'm not talking about the latest wysiwyg whizz bang drag and drop, I'm 
talking about simple things like syntax highlighting, indenting, maybe some 
further features like validation, code completion.  

These are things that help you work faster, because they help you work 
smarter.  I do the majority of my work in SGML and XML, and the same goes for 

I agree a text editor will teach you to look at your markup in an entirely 
different way than a wysiwyg editor, but that should be a text editor that 
helps you, not hinders you.   Notepad is the editor of choice for masochists 
and people woh 

Emacs (+ psgml mode), vi, (both freely available on platforms you've probably 
never even heard of) or the more traditional Windows HomeSite and Mac BBEdit 
- those will get my attention. Notepad on the other hand, does not.

Lauri Watts

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