[thelist] Was OT "KABOOOOOOM", now "Let's argue about Notepad"

Fri May 25 13:44:28 CDT 2001

Hmmm, YMMV there.  People who put "notepad" on a resume don't impress me at
all, because notepad has no features.  None.

I'm not talking about the latest wysiwyg whizz bang drag and drop, I'm
talking about simple things like syntax highlighting, indenting, maybe some
further features like validation, code completion.

These are things that help you work faster, because they help you work
smarter.  I do the majority of my work in SGML and XML, and the same goes for

I agree a text editor will teach you to look at your markup in an entirely
different way than a wysiwyg editor, but that should be a text editor that
helps you, not hinders you.   Notepad is the editor of choice for masochists
and people woh

Emacs (+ psgml mode), vi, (both freely available on platforms you've probably
never even heard of) or the more traditional Windows HomeSite and Mac BBEdit
- those will get my attention. Notepad on the other hand, does not.

Lauri Watts

I asked for explosions and that's what I got! :)
BTW, I don't code in Notepad... in my tip is stated "try do to as much as
possible in a text editor" ... not specifically Notepad.  I currently use
TextPad because it's free and I know the shortcut keys, etc.  Downloadable
dictionaries and macros... yes, I have heard of and used VI on UNIX.  I'm sorry
that you had to comment that it's "freely available on platforms you've probably
never even heard of."  This is a personal attack and I must say these types of
statements are not welcome on [thelist].
I agree that people who only code in Notepad are most likely masochists.  There
is no reason to limit yourself.  Take advantage of the tools offered.  I hope
that this is not how my message came across.  I have and use Dreamweaver, when I
need.  I don't need to spend 30 minutes typing <td></td> over and over just to
create a simple table...
All I wanted to say was that learning to code by hand will separate a web
developer from the crowd... it's a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
If you disagree with this, please respond as I would be interested in what you
have to say.

Best wishes,
Ron "KABOOM" Senykoff

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