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Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Fri May 25 13:46:43 CDT 2001

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> Hmmm, YMMV there.  People who put "notepad" on a resume don't
> impress me at  all, because notepad has no features.  None. 

Yeah, of course, I don't know anyone who would put down the text
editor they use to handcode on their resume.

> I'm not talking about the latest wysiwyg whizz bang drag and drop,
> I'm  talking about simple things like syntax highlighting,

You're right. Notepad doesn't have that.

> indenting,

I have a Tab key.

> maybe some 
> further features like validation,

There are web sources that are much better for this, especially if
you're coding in a server-side scripting language.

> code completion.  

Oh god no!

> These are things that help you work faster, because they help you
> work  smarter. 

This is just your opinion. The only thing I agree with you on is the
syntax highlighting. Everything else is stuff you have to get used to
(like code completion and indenting). This stuff slows me down
becuase my brain automatically tells my hand to add another tab in
there after I write an if conditional line.

> I agree a text editor will teach you to look at your markup in an
> entirely  different way than a wysiwyg editor, but that should be a
> text editor that  helps you, not hinders you.   Notepad is the
> editor of choice for masochists   

Maybe. Though please take into account that the more "features" a
text editor has, the more of a learning curve it has. That's the main
reason I've never gone into any time of WYSIWYG editor even for
prototyping: I can always do it faster by hand than learning how to
do it in the WYSIWYG editor. UltraEdit is my editory of choice and
the only reason I use it is for auto-indent (not what you were
mentioning above -- autoindent here is:

        text starts after two Tabs. When I hit enter my cursor will
go to the next line after two tabs
        like this

It's all about personal preference and how much you like your editor
fux0ring with how you type and how you code. It only increases
productivity when you expect what it does. And, especially with the
newer version of Notepad in Win2k, it's an OK editor.

> Emacs (+ psgml mode), vi, (both freely available on platforms
> you've probably  never even heard of) or the more traditional
> Windows HomeSite and Mac BBEdit  - those will get my attention.
> Notepad on the other hand, does not.  

Personally, I would look more to the work they've accomplished with
their editor of choice rather than the editor itself.

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