[thelist] Re: [offlist] OT: KABOOOOOOM (explosions are cool)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri May 25 14:13:39 CDT 2001

>  today seems the day for offlist comments, eh

i wish   ;o(

my apologies, everyone

less haste, more speed

<tip type="oldie but goodie">
most windows systems will have the .htm extension associated with a
browser, so for a neat way to bring these files up in your editor of choice
(assuming you aren't a drag-and-drop afficionado), put a shortcut to your
editor(s) in the Send To folder, then right-click the file in windows
works great on other file types, too -- for example, if i just want to
quickly grab the dimensions of an image while writing my img tag, i'll
often just send the image to netscape 3 and read the dimensions off the
title bar...


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