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matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Fri May 25 14:31:25 CDT 2001

to see if the domain has dns/routing/reponses, use nslookup or dig from a
command prompt. combined with a ping or two for response times.

ping is still the default first check item to see if a site or ip is
responding. if it doesnt respond, move on to dig and traceroutes.

you can query your mail servers with a simple:
telnet mail.yourserver.com 25 (look up smtp commands in a search engine)

don't always depend on a whois .. more than ping, as a whois can have old or
outdated information (such as after a dns change or the like)

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: Some people use pings and traceroutes as the final say in whether a site
is up
:       or down.. Don't rely on them cus many firewalls block out the ICMP
:       protocol which traceroute and ping both rely on.
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: What tools do you all recommend for checking your servers?
: -Ron S.
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