[thelist] FP Question

James S. Huggins Evolt at ZName.com
Fri May 25 20:22:09 CDT 2001

>>>To run FP, you must use their extensions.
>>>They allow the full features that come with Frontpage.
>>>Any and all references that run 'webbots' like 'hover' links
>>>and such need these extensions.
>>>Uploading needs these extensions.
>>>To run the FP Database wizard needs these extensions.

To clarify slightly, it is possible to use FrontPage only as an authoring

In this case the author would avoid the 4 or 5 special FrontPage features
that require FrontPage Server Extensions.

In this case uploading with FTP would not present any problem.

And, in this case, the server would not need to even have installed the
FrontPage Server Extensions.

James S. Huggins

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