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Robin robin at rhastings.net
Sat May 26 09:18:33 CDT 2001

> So does it mean that there is no way I can make my form display a thank
> you page unless I change the cgi-script (not possible as it is
> geocities...)?
> Just as an example:
> http://www.geocities.com/fayetarzwell_a4/store.html
> This is a school assignment. Not fancy, just a way to learn how JS can
> be used in low security order pages.
> The "store" itself works fine and the confirmation page has form
> validation and all but I would like to send the user to a thank you page
> after they confirm the order.
> I tried some workarounds but when the redirection to the thank you page
> worked the forma validation didn't...
> Any way I can have both?
> Thanks again,

If I recall correctly, there is no way to change Geocities CGI forms, but
you can go to http://www.cgi-resources.com and see the remotely hosted
section. There are lots of people who will allow you to use their scripts
(and modify them to include a redirect to a thank you page) in return for a
small advertisement on your pages. HTH

Robin Hastings
Webmistress - InterTec Designs
robin at intertecdesigns.com

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