[thelist] Credit card validation

Mark Groen markgroen at telus.net
Sat May 26 11:53:39 CDT 2001

An overview of the basics of credit card verification:
There's quite a few php scripts out there I think for simply verifying the
numbers - an example:
You can make sure it is a well formed number client side also with

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Subject: [thelist] Credit card validation

A client just requested that we come up with a way to verify a credit card,
on submission of an order form. The way it was described to us, they don't
need to actually charge the card for the order, just verify that the number
is valid and it's not over the credit limit.

I've already written a PHP program to process the orders into a file that
they will import into their main business database (which is Flexware, on
Macintosh). By the time the database gets the info, it assumes the card has
already been verified; that's why they want the back-end code to do the

I guess what I need is to connect to a CC authorization service. Can I do
this through my own PHP script or do we need to go some other route? Thanks
for any pointers...

charles johnson
lgf web design


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